Starlog 041212

cover art

The Man and Robot Society is a secret organization whose mission is to seek out and discover higher levels of consciousness. In the Tales of the Reluctant Astronaut, the vessel used for the spaced out explorations is the mighty starship, the Oblivion, but the Oblivion is not actually a spaceship in the usual sense.
The Tale of a Reluctant Astronaut is an analogy. It is a trip through time and space, but not in the obvious way. Rather, it is a subtle tale of a life and a journey. The obvious cool analogy of the tale would be to say that it is a story of a young man who took psychedelic drugs as far as they could go to cross through the doors of perception, seeking out new worlds and higher levels of existence – only to take it too far and to lose himself and never to make it back home. Unfortunately, the copyright to that tale truly belongs to Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd, and although psychedelics played a key role in my tale, I was always fortunate to find my way back home safely (at least that is my belief).
The trip begins with Starlog 081559, which is actually my birthday. Each song has such a prologue introduction, and each song represents an important step in my journey. Ship’s Log 122372 is the day my mother passed. Starlog 061577 is the day I moved out west and lost my high school friends (who I still miss dearly). Stardate 051985 is the day my father passed. Authorization Code contains the code dates 051790 and 071792, which are the birthdates of my two daughters. Captain’s Log has no code date reference, but there are clues in the song that it introduces as to its timeframe and inspiration.
LSD and other psychedelic agents can be useful as a type of fuel, but the actually vessel we fly and exist in, such as the Oblivion, is constructed by our life experiences. It is what makes the trip intense and sacred. And hopefully, we will live a good life and someday reach New Terra.
The Oblivion’s audio transcripts can be accessed and purchased from M.A.R.S.