The Winds of Gaia – Relaxing White Noise of Nature

The Man and Robot Society production company proudly present
our first ambient release

The Winds of Gaia – Relaxing White Noise of Nature

Six hours of beautiful mixed relaxing sounds of nature. These are not loops, but rather perfectly mixed high definition recordings. The thunder is soft and distant, the bird sounds drift in and out but are never over bearing or repetitive, the rain and snow fall gently, the streams flow endlessly while an occasional frog or duck softly sings, camp fires crackle with the sounds of the forest in the background, and the winds blow softly, rustling the trees through the night. All tracks are produced for relaxation and to aid meditation or sleep.

Loop these tracks in your iHome or Android Stereo system to create the ultimate sleep machine!

Available for download sale on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and streamable on Spotify.

Winds of Gaia

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